It is EPEE’s mission to promote a better understanding of the HVACR sector in the EU and to contribute to the development of effective European policies in order to achieve a long-term sustainability agenda.

EPEE’s main priorities for the coming years are:

1. The promotion of energy efficiency in the HVACR sector by supporting EU policies
designed to encourage the use of more efficient products (e.g. Eco-design, Energy label, Eco-label, Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, Green Procurement policies, Promotion of Energy from Renewable Energy Sources), thereby leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

2. The promotion of the most efficient and sustainable refrigerant choices
taking into account the refrigerants’ environmental impact, responsible handling, optimal energy performance, and safety in use.

Why does EPEE exist?

To speak with ONE voice for the European refrigeration, a/c and heat pump industry

To make this voice be heard by the EU institutions

Because: over 90% of commercial legislation affecting your business comes from the EU.

What do they want?

Some examples of EPEE successes

F-gas Regulation
EPEE helped avoiding a ban on F-gases by moving the focus to containment provisions

Eco-design directive

EPEE provides early technical input to avoid unsustainable requirements and is a key interlocutor with the European Commission and the consultants

Renewable energies directive
EPEE ensured the recognition of heat pumps as renewable energy technology based on aerothermal, geothermal and hydrothermal energy sources